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History of To'A

Kung Fu To’A is a Persian martial art distinguished by powerfully acentuated and esthetic movements. Seeming almost like a dance its techniques allow countless combinations. Beautiful and captivating, it is a great challange for every disciple of martial arts with its complex forms („axis“ and „lines“). Speed and flexibility are being trained as well as the ability to focus your power. Implementing the strength from the entire body the kicks and hitting combinations recieve their characteristic wavelike sequences which are intensified by numerous rotations. In the classes the different attack and defense techniques are trained always considering their application. The single techniques are built up on each other and are a combination of action and reaction. Fluent transitions and the melting of the single techniques to one complete movement make it possible to reach an astonishing speed and optimal effectivety by using relatively little force. Kung Fu To’A comes from Iran, where the style was founded by Grand Master Prof. Dr. Ebrahim Mirzaii in the end of the 60s. Initially practised in the military, To’A rapidly became known and found many followers outside of the military. Kung Fu To’A is based on elements of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Like all Eastern Martial Arts, To’A Style is aiming beyond the physical training for harmony between body and mind. Today is practiced by more than a million followers worldwide.

Text: Homajun Khoshgoui

Translation: Isabel Lourenco and Natascha Langner


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