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The World To’A Federation (WTAF) is an International Non-Profit Governing Body of the National and International Kung Fu To’A Organizations around the Globe.

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All rights related to the To’A Kung Fu are reserved and are owned by its creator Grand Master Prof. Dr. Ebrahim Mirzaii and the persons authorized by him. Everybody who teaches and practises Kung Fu To’A and its varieties without permission of the WTAF will be considered as violator of the intellectual property rights and license as well as the martial arts ethics and prinicples.

Organizations related to Kung Fu To’a Style must be approved by the World To’a Federation (WTAF). If not, they will be considered illegal and WTAF will hold them reponsible for their actions.

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01Classic To'A Kung Fu

The single techniques are built up on each other and are a combination of action and reaction. Fluent transitions and the melting of the single techniques to one complete movement make it possible to reach an astonishing speed and optimal effectivety by using relatively little force.

02beyond physical training and strength

Initially practised in the military, To’A rapidly became known and found many followers outside of the military. Kung Fu To’A is based on elements of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Like all Eastern Martial Arts, To’A Style is aiming beyond the physical training for harmony between body and mind.

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